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Bender Group's chief focus has always been to provide flexible warehousing and distribution center solutions along with any related value added activities at a competitive price. We have the physical operations, information systems, customer service and expertise to handle the most complex distribution requirements. Our warehousing services include Retail Logistics, Food Grade Facilities, E-Fulfillment, FTZ Services, and Reverse Logistics.

Does your DC measure up?

Selected medians and best practices from: WERC DC METRICS REPORT 2018

MetricBest-In-Class2018* MedianBender
On-Time ShipmentsGreater than 99.8%98.5%99.9%
On-Time ReceiptsGreater than 98.0%94.0%99.6%
Inventory Count AccuracyGreater than 99.7%99.0%99.9%
Order-Picking AccuracyGreater than 99.9%99.5%99.9%

*Researchers used the median (mid-point) rather than the mean (average) because the numbers are less likely to be skewed by statistical outliers. They calculated "best in class" performance by isolating the responses from the top 20%.

Warehouse Locations

Bender Group can also expand an existing location, or secure a new dedicated facility location anywhere in the country.

Multi-Client Warehousing

Our multi-client locations provide flexibility and scalability to tackle ever changing business needs without the hassle of being locked into a long term, fixed warehouse space commitment. Utilizing one of our multi-client operations also allows our customers to take advantage of our professional expertise, shared labor resources, strong inventory control, and cost-effective transportation programs.

Dedicated Warehousing

Enterprises seeking customized distribution center services will find Bender's dedicated warehouse operations offer powerful solutions under a longer term agreement. Bender Group proactively works to integrate our operation to behave as an extension of our clients' businesses. In a long-term, dedicated operation, we can accomplish this much more so than in a multi-client facility. During the contract development and negotiation process, we will proactively suggest and seek to incorporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics that will drive us to meet critical supply chain objectives. We utilize a comprehensive implementation project plan to ensure a quick and efficient deployment from the start-up through ongoing operations.

Value Added Services