It Ought To Be Fun To go To Work (IOTBFTGTW) is not just a whimsical phrase at Bender Group. It is a philosophy that is at the heart of who we are and the belief that people really want to do a good job. Fun means being happy and proud to be an integral part of something meaningful and successful. Human beings can be happy at work if they are trusted, respected and productive; and if they know their contribution is appreciated.

We believe in simplicity and managing naturally. It is easy to over complicate things, but just like cycling product through a warehouse or making a customer delivery, straightforward processes and direct communication usually get the best results.

Managing Naturally – Core Tenets of the Program

1. Listening to understand…

Leaders genuinely listen to employees and peers to understand the intent of their message, not with a response already in mind.

2. Actively seeking responsibility...

As long as the intent is genuine and in the best interest of our company and customers, employees are encouraged to express and contribute their thoughts, ideas and actions for improvement

3. Getting real…

Leaders are responsible to provide information and feedback that is truthful and complete, which builds trust and loyalty.

4. Straight line communication…

The creed is…no back talking allowed!! Through the example and expectation of leadership, each employee is responsible to avoid engaging in muck (venting/gossiping/griping behind a fellow employee’s back).

The secret ingredient is to be an expert in giving “cookies”. Catching people doing something right and recognizing them with a genuine and open expression of gratitude!!

Organizational Chart – Our organizational chart is a circle

• The most important person at any given time is closest to the center of the circle…at that point in time, they are performing a function that impacts an outcome with our customers most.
• Internally the people most important people to the company are those that are most centered to the organizational goals, developing the critical mass necessary for achieving actual results.

And “the glue”

An individual’s commitment is the glue that holds the whole program together.

By embracing these simple tenets in our everyday work life, it makes work a lot less like work. After all, It Ought To Be Fun To Go To Work!