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e-fulfillment, direct to consumer (D2C) solutions

Bender Group performs "back-end" e-fulfillment functions, including warehouse merchandising, product fulfillment, packaging and shipping merchandise direct to consumers. We provide e-fulfillment services to a variety of clients shipping products ranging from travel coffee mugs to food products to books and CDs. Bender Group ships to multiple marketing distribution channels, whether it is Internet-based, direct response, drop ship or catalogue orders.

Bender Group’s e-fulfillment program offers:

For the "front-end" fulfillment functions, including web hosting of an on-line store, shopping cart and customer service, we have created strategic relationships and developed the appropriate infrastructure with companies that specialize in those activities and can offer a complete turnkey solution.

With same day shipping, superior order picking accuracy, online inventory and order visibility, Bender Group’s e-fulfillment program adds up to peace of mind that allows you to focus generating sales, not fulfilling orders.